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/ a reproduction on overhead transparency , 2014
artist book
/ in collaboration with Kunstverein Langenhagen;
MOTTO Distribution, Berlin
Edition: 200

On the occasion of documenta (13) Boris Groys published the essay, Google: Words Beyond Grammar. In his text the author comes to the conclusion that Google has become our main source for all relevant questions about the world. The search engine has replaced religion and philosophy to regulate and structure our dialogue with the world. Consequently, a new conception of knowledge and truth has been established which can be understood as the sum of all contexts in which terms appear when googled.
Replacing traditional discourses which weigh truth, we find ourselves confronted with a vast but arbitrary amount of information, a cloud of words. Seen from this perspective, the search engine marks the end of the development of isolating words from their grammatical context.

Wolfgang Plöger has reproduced the little booklet by Groys without any changes. But instead of printing it on paper he prints it onto translucent pages. Thus the front and back of each page merge into one typographic image rendering the actual text unreadable. Plöger presents us with a contradiction. His version of Groys' critical essay is totally transparent but at the same time cryptic because the information provided by the text can no longer be discerned. In a way, the artist points, with this twist, to a contradiction within the text itself. For Groys describes the complete dissolution of philosophical discourse by using the very means of its tradition. Plöger's little intervention unmasks Boris Groys' writing as a special cloud of words - a philosophical one. (press release)