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DELAY, 2004/11
16mm film (color, 3'50min), 2 projectors (synchronized);
16mm film (b/w, 3'50min), 2 projectors (synchronized),
green glass (3600x2200mm), aluminium stands;
variable dimensions

Using a slow 360-degree pan, I filmed the spot where Heinrich von Kleist took his own life in 1811. First using black and white film, I later repeated the shot in a location somewhat removed from the original spot, this time using color film.
In the front part of the exhibition space, the black and white film is led through two projectors one after another. The projectors are synchronized and their projections are shown on the wall next to one another, so that they together form a wide image.
In the rear of the space, the color film is presented in the same way. The two films are separated by a green pane of glass that devides the space, so that the visitor can only watch one film at a time, while the other film has a green taint and seems spatially remote.